The providers at Green & Urribarri in Coral Springs, Florida offer obstetric care, education, and support in a warm and nurturing environment. Our board-certified obstetricians are dedicated to a safe delivery for you and your child, whether you desire natural childbirth with minimal interventions, need a C-section, want a vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC), or you experience a high-risk pregnancy.

While we are dedicated to helping patients achieve a successful full-term pregnancy, some women can experience a miscarriage, and we are here to help our patients through that devastating loss. Miscarriages typically occur during the first trimester of pregnancy and most women go on to experience successful pregnancies in the future. However, if you have had multiple miscarriages, there may be an underlying genetic or medical reason, and we will refer you to a specialist to help determine the cause(s).

Learn more about our obstetrical services below.

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Prenatal Testing

Medical checkups and screening tests help keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. The obstetricians at Green & Urribarri provide comprehensive prenatal care to help detect and treat problems promptly and prevent complications and miscarriages. We may also recommend or perform various prenatal screening tests throughout your pregnancy to assess your baby’s health and determine whether your baby is likely to have specific birth defects.

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Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of your growing fetus. Routine ultrasound testing is most commonly performed at about the 20th week and 34th week of pregnancy. Some doctors may use ultrasound more frequently than others. Ultrasound is also used if a problem is suspected. With our sophisticated equipment and experienced sonographers and physicians, Green & Urribarri offers high quality ultrasound, including 3D ultrasound.   

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Cord Blood Banking

Your baby’s cord blood contains a life-saving resource called stem cells, the building blocks of our blood and immune systems. Cord blood banking is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to save the stem cells found in the blood of your newborn’s umbilical cord. Cord blood is currently used in the treatment of more than 70 life-threatening diseases, including oncologic disorders, bone marrow failures, hematologic disorders, metabolic disorders, and immune deficiencies.

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MonaLisa Touch

Green & Urribarri is proud to offer the MonaLisa Touch® procedure in Coral Springs, Florida. This innovative treatment is an FDA-approved laser therapy used to treat changes in vaginal health often caused by hormonal fluctuations brought on by menopause and certain health conditions. MonaLisa revitalizes your vagina through the generation of collagen and elastin, while promoting the vascularization of vaginal mucosa. 

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Patient Education

For an A to Z listing of common conditions we treat, browse our extensive patient education center.

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