Bioidentical Hormones

Hormones occur naturally in the body and regulate a variety of functions. In women, various sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, as well as other hormones like cortisol and DHEA, exert powerful effects throughout life. When any of these hormones are out of balance, they can significantly affect a woman’s quality of life.

Hormone imbalances are common, especially as a woman goes through menopause. Symptoms may include:

To correct hormone imbalances, many women turn to hormone replacement. Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with synthetic hormones has been associated with unwanted side effects.

Bioidentical hormones, an alternative treatment option, are derived from natural plant sources, such as yams or soy. They are chemically identical to human hormones and mimic the actions of hormones that are produced by the body. Bioidentical hormones may also have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones.

If made by a compounding pharmacy, hormone combinations, strengths, and dosages can be customized to a patient’s specific hormonal needs. In addition, custom compounded bioidentical hormones can be created in a variety of forms: capsules, topical creams and gels, suppositories, and sublingual troches or lozenges.

If you are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance due to menopause or other underlying causes, visit the hormone therapy experts at Green & Urribarri in Coral Springs, Florida. Our gynecologists will evaluate your symptoms to make a proper diagnosis and recommendations. Call (954) 341-2916 today or request an appointment online.

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